About Us

Providing daily living assistance services throughout Georgia since 1989, Altrus maintains relationships with family model and host home providers as well as owning and managing its own residential care facilities. All services that Altrus provides are supervised by company R.N.s within the following models:

Residential Services for Seniors

Family Model Personal Care Homes: Family Model homes are licensed personal care homes located in residential neighborhoods throughout Georgia. Altrus contracts with our family model providers, each of which hires its own staff. Family model homes offer six beds or less per location, thereby allowing residents to live in a non-restrictive environment with a great degree of freedom and participation in the community. 

Residential Care (group) Homes: Residential Care Homes are licensed group homes having between 15 and 24 beds each. Individuals living in these homes receive 24/7/365 care, including assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, and the self-administration of medication. Meals and housekeeping are provided for residents, as is social activity, and assistance with managing bills, medical care, and transportation. Altrus currently has six residential care homes, which are located in the following Georgia locations: Evans, Pooler, Statesboro, St. Mary's, Thomson and WaycrossAltrus residential care homes are owned and operated by our company. Staff for these homes are hired through this portal. Click HERE for current openings.  

In addition to providing services for seniors, Altrus is approved by Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) to provide Community Living Arrangement (CLA) and Host Home services. In these residential service models, individuals diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities are able to live and share life experiences with supportive people who form a caring family and household. 

Residential Services for Individuals Diagnosed with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Community Living Arrangement (CLA) Homes: Altrus CLA homes, which each have four beds or less, are licensed by the State of Georgia and are owned and operated by Altrus. Residents of these homes live together like a family and share experiences together. Staff support CLA residents with personal care, housekeeping, and the self-administration of medication and medical care. Click HERE for current CLA staff openings.  

Host Homes: In a host home, one or two individuals diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability lives with a host family which provides 24/7/365 care and oversight. In a host home, individuals needing care become part of a family whether the host home provider is a single person or a married couple.

Altrus is dedicated to enabling individuals to live a normal and full life in the least restrictive living environment of their choice.